Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Secret" Navy Spirit Video

Apparently this "spirit video" caused a bit of a stink between Annapolis and West Point, but for some reason I find it to be entertaining with a selection of interesting eye-candy to boot.

Eye-candy & humor aside, may Navy continue to beat Army!


Douglas said...

Thats Just fucking funny.

If It's actually Navy guys, it's either actually gay, cuz well, the navy's gay, or it's a joke, where a bunch of navy guys know the joke of the gay navy and are challenging the army.

Since they challenged the Army, rather than the Marines, I think it's satire, but still, Fucking funny.

Good job john.

Anonymous said...

Forgive my denseness, but I don't understand. What branch are these guys and what are they trying to do?

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I just added you to my blogroll at qlipp.com.


Rick said...

Well aren't they sweet?

Patrick Prescott said...

You alive?

JohnAGJ said...

Douglas: Satire for sure. GO NAVY BEAT ARMY!!!

(Or is that beat-off Army? Hmm...)

Musli: United States Navy and it's satire for the annual Army-Navy football game. Both military academies have a big sports rivalry.

Eric: Thanks!

CJ: Yeppers!

Patrick: Right here bud!