Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Dangerous Book for Boys

Kind of pathetic that a book is needed to teach youngsters today what came naturally to myself and other boys growing up. Perhaps that is a drawback to this digital age we live in, not to mention the 'wussification' of society. Boys should be allowed to be boys and not be deprived of some of the best experiences during these formative years of their lives. They are not girls and treating them as if they are is damn near criminal. I wonder if this book has a section on peeing in the shower?

Hat tip: Innocent Bystanders


Douglas said...

How about the various derivations of spitting? How about the awkward moments in school when you have a boner? how about when a girl you like pushes you and it makes you think that she's just like you and you like her? how about the times when you take pride in being "corrected" (yelled at" by a teacher, or how the joy of making shit go boom is something orgasmic, only your hairless balls have never experienced anything close to an orgasm?

Yeah, Being a boy is written in a boys genes, and it is society that makes boys emasculated little girls.

JohnAGJ said...

Oh yes, spitting contests. I fondly remember those. Yeah there are many things about being a boy that some people want to do away with that actually ends up doing them harm. Boys are not girls and it's far past time that we remember this and let them be what they are. No, this doesn't mean that we let them run wild but they will naturally be more boisterous than girls.