Monday, April 28, 2008

Don't Ask, Don't Tell Round-up...

Here are some DADT-related items I've recently come across...

  • Don’t Ask Inspires Anti-Gay Bank Fight - I believe these folks are missing the point. Personally, I don't want sexuality in the workplace either beyond what is generally accepted. However, this is about gays not losing their jobs because of their sexual orientation - not for the 'right' to hold White Parties next to the water cooler. Leave it to the Religious Right to take a discriminatory policy like DADT and seek to have it enforced in the private sector as well. Morons.

    UPDATE: Wells Fargo shareholders easily defeated this proposal. Back to the anti-gay drawing board Dobson!

  • Interview With Former Quartermaster Brian Downey - yeah okay, queers in the Navy is a bit of a joke but it was nice to see that the PBS documentary Carrier didn't follow DADT in speaking about it.

  • Here's the trailer for the new soon-to-be-released documentary Ask Not:

    Given the gross absurdity of how the military is lets felons in while gays are prohibited from openly serving, this film is timely. Great to see Alex Nicholson of Servicemembers United on film again! Way to go Alex!

  • Last, but certainly not least, the DADT Podcast has a new show out! John & Joe are really great on this podcast and not too shabby looking either.


    Deleted said...

    D'Oh! You took my idea! I was going to do a DADT round-up at the end of the month. Oh well. It's much better that it comes from you given that you've had military experience while I'm just an over-opinionated loud-mouth.

    I've been wondering when the "Ask Not" movie was going to come out. I couldn't find any new information about it for a while. Thanks for posting the link. I'm going to steal some of the links from you. Hope you don't mind. ;-)