Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Star Trek Fanfiction

...or Reason #97 On Why I'm Truly A Geek.

Although I am a big fan of Star Trek, I'm sort of in the closet about it. No, I do not have a You Wanna Play With My Phaser? t-shirt nor do I really want my own set of Spock ears. I do enjoy the different series and when I need some escapism reading, a novel or two. It's sort of a guilty pleasure I guess, kind of like sci-fi porn and as addictive as the real thing at times. I mention all of this because I stumbled across an audiodrama made by fans that is surprisingly well done. In fact, I'd say it's as close to being like professionally-made stuff as I've seen. The price is also right to listen: nada. The website I found this on is Darker Projects, which contains more than just Star Trek but also some odd horror & zombie dramas for those who like that kind of stuff. The first Star Trek audiodrama this site has is called Section 31. If you remember anything about Section 31 from the series, you could say that this audiodrama is kind of like 24 only because it's Trek not as dark. The second audiodrama is Lost Frontier. This uses some of the characters from the first, but takes the Trek Universe into very different territory. The basic storyline is that a few years after the Dominion War a devastating plague sweeps across the Alpha Quadrant killing billions. The Federation collapses into civil war as rival factions vie for supremacy. The Klingons are nearly wiped out as are the Borg. Vulcan, Earth and a handful of other planets are all that's really left. Starfleet is re-formed and the USS Enterprise-F is commissioned with the mission of establishing contact with the "Lost Worlds" to re-unite the Federation. I've listened to both of these and have enjoyed them immensely. There is a third audiodrama called Pioneers, but I haven't listened to this one yet. All of these are available as podcasts for download on iTunes. Download and listen to them. It is, after all, the only logical thing to do.