Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Interviews with gay veterans

Given the email notice about an upcoming DADT event in Washington, DC, this is a good time to 'resurrect' one of the few posts which survived the unfortunate deletion of my blog earlier this year. Regrettably, the individual posts I had made for each listed interview did not survive. On 4/2/06 I posted the following about some great interviews from one of my favorite podcasts, Ramble Redhead:

Someone was good enough to bring to my attention that some members of the Call to Duty Tour [note - now Servicemembers United] along with other gay former military servicemembers can be heard on podcast through the Ramble Redhead weblog. I haven't listened to these yet myself but they should be enjoyable and I look forward to hearing them on my iPod during the week. [note - I've listened to all of these since then and they are excellent] For direct links, here's a list of the interviews:

Call to Duty Tour speakers:

Alexander Nicholson, US Army: "Hear Alexander's story about growing up with a military family and his decision to join the military. Listen to his amazing story about his life and how he was affected by Don't Ask Don't Tell policy. You will see why the Call to Duty Tour was started and what you can do to help!" [note - check out Alex's great You Tube channel]

Fred Fox, US Army: "Listen to an amazing interview with a hero who proudly serves our country! His name is Fred Fox and he is one of the many speakers for the Call to Duty Tour and once you hear this amazing three part interview you are going to see why the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy is full of crap!" Part I, Part II, Part III. [note - also check out the 2007 interview with Fred.]

Heather Sarver, USAF: "...another presenter of the Call to Duty Tour. She decided to enlist into the Air Force and had to deal with some things she should not had to deal with..." Part I, Part II.

Jarrod Chlapowski, US Army: "Meet Jarrod - the Asst Director of the Call to Duty Tour - listen to his life growing up in Georgia and what made him want to join the military. Hear his story about coming out to his friends and their reaction. Hear what motivated him to be part of this program." [note - check out this excellent speech given by Jarrod at Harvard & this video question for 2008 presidential candidates]

Tim Smith, USMC: "Hear this amazing story from Tim and about his choices that he made in his life. He made the choice to be in the military and listen to how it all began and how life decided to throw him a few curve balls. He is one of the speakers for the Call to Duty Tour and they are currently all over the country right now." Part I, Part II.

Other gay veterans:

John: "76 and gay - hear about his life - his childhood, first time with a male partner, his military service and how he met his love of his life Bill and how they have been together for 34 years!" Part I, Part II.

Jose: "...great interview with Jose and his story of being gay and in the military. Hear about his struggles and how he survived this tough time and how he is today." Part I, Part II.

Tim & Gene, USN: "...a great couple Tim and Gene. They have been together for 24 years and after listening to the show you will see why - they are truly there for each other the way any couple would want to be." Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI.