Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"St. Athanasius on Repentance"

I had mixed feelings watching this video from the series "Saints Speak" by Arcadia Films:

1. Intrigued by the concept. Who wouldn't want to hear the saints speak about various matters that concern each one of us?

2. Disturbed that thanks to actor Morten Kublick's very good looks, I'll never look at St. Athanasius the same way again. "Thou shalt not lust after saints" has got to be a corollary to at least one of the Commandments.

3. Amused at how incredibly over-the-top the music, acting and effects are. In a sense it's almost a pious version of Rocky Horror in that it is actually good because it's so bad. Only what am I supposed to throw at the screen instead of toast, rice and hot dogs? Rosary beads?

Eh, even with all of this this video and the others in the series will undoubtedly still inspire some folks so in spite of the unintentional humor that's good I suppose.