Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kevin Palmer, RIP

I just now found out that Kevin Palmer from Queer Conservative died this past August.

I'm stunned. He was only 42.

Kevin was one of the first gay bloggers I came across back in 2005. It was bloggers like Kevin that helped me finally see that being gay involved more than just the stereotypes, but actually the whole range of humanity which included more conservative-minded. This was the last step I needed I guess to coming out at last, much later than most I'm sure but sooner than I ever thought back then.

I never got to meet Kevin in the real world but enjoyed the discussions we had online and the thoughtful posts he put up. I regret that I'll never have the chance to meet him now and thank him.

I pray that Kevin is at peace with God now.

Unfortunately it appears the other blog Kevin posted at, KevinandPatrick Blog, has been taken down but portions of it can be found at Google cache. Also, a memorial page was created at Facebook for him and can be found here.


Anonymous said...

such sad news..any idea how he died, was it sudden, car accident or something ?

JohnAGJ said...

I do not know. I only hope it was quick and painless, sparing him any suffering.

smplcv said...

I was shocked reading this. Kevin was my colleague at work. I still can believe ..

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BillOhio said...

From what I understand, it was an infection that he acquired shortly after a surgery, that he had appeared to be recovering quite well from. It was very unexpected. Please note, I too only followed Kevin on blogs and Facebook so I'm just reporting what I saw on the pages.

Anonymous said...

I've just discovered the terrible news. Obviously I was not an usual visitor, but from time to time --months to months, I should say-- I typed and did take a look at his blog.

I hate gross language, but this is a fucking shit. I really hope he's alive and kicking up there.

Maybe you have any new detail about the cause of his death?

Regards from Spain,


Patrick Prescott said...

Kevin died from sepsis. One by one his organs shut down and there was nothing that could be done. Two days before he died he said he wasn't feeling well. His Facebook status was updated about 1 PM and from what I have been told he was unconscious by about 5 PM. He was rushed to the hospital and was conscious only once between then and the time he died and even then he was not really coherent. He finally got to the point of total organ failure and he would not survive even on life support.

I miss him and I think about him every day and mourn him.

JohnAGJ said...

I understand, Felix. I've been so busy in the real world these past couple of years that I haven't had much time to check the blogs as I used to and have just about given up on this blog as well.

Patrick: I hope he didn't suffer any pain. I wish I had had the chance to meet him in the real world. He always made me smile from our online dealings.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Patrick and John for your kind replies.

Patrick, there's nothing I can add. Being his friend, this is a terrible and irreparable lost for you. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.