Monday, April 19, 2010

Resigning from Gay Patriot...

I have decided to resign from guest-blogging at Gay Patriot to pursue other interests effective as of last night. All comments or blog posts by others at Gay Patriot are the sole responsibility of the persons who authored them and I do not necessarily endorse OR support them. As I expressed to Bruce & Dan, I appreciate the opportunity they gave me during my time guest-blogging at GP and wish them well in the future.

Also, if it hasn't been clear from my sporadic and sparse posting here at this blog matters in the real world have necessitated that I take an indefinite hiatus. At this point I am not certain when or if I'll return to blogging. If that changes I guess there will be an update here about it. For now though, thanks for your interest in my blog over the years and take care.


Tim said...

hiya, just wondering if you might have switched to twitter or something? Anyway hope your getting a handle on your "real world struggles" miss hearing from you in the blog world. I dropped Gay patriot too I just couldn't handle their move to constant gay bashing.
Twitter handle: timotheosOK