Thursday, May 14, 2009

Podcast Interview of Lt. Daniel Choi

In three parts over at Ramble Redhead. Very interesting with Choi telling of his growing up, life at West Point, his service in the US Army over in Iraq, and of course coming out. Well worth listening to and I hope that the good Louie will join the fight against the unjust DADT law with a worthy group of gay vets like Servicemembers United. His voice is certainly a powerful one in this debate and though he is doing well on his own, especially with Knights Out, having others to "guard his back" in the DADT minefield doesn't hurt.

You can find these podcast interviews here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Enjoy!

Spoiler: Choi's first-generation Korean parents were oblivious to his being gay, so much so that when they suspected their older son of being gay they sought his advice on how to "change" him. Ironically the son they thought was gay is actually straight while the "straight" son they sought advice from is gay. Priceless.

UPDATE: On second thought, after exploring the Knights Out website a bit more it appears that Lt. Choi has quite a number of worthy souls guarding his back. Perhaps then his group and others like Servicemembers United can coordinate their efforts to bring DADT to the demise it so richly deserves.

(an edited version of this is also posted over at Gay Patriot)