Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New uniforms for the U.S. Navy

I still think it's silly for sailors to be wearing pseudo-cammies, but even so this new work uniform is a thousand times better than the old dungarees. I hated wearing those when I was in. For you Stuck in the 80s fans, yes, this was the hatred of a thousand white-hot suns. They were a bitch to keep "presentable" and looked like something worn in prisons. Interesting to see that they are moving back to the WWII era for some of the other uniforms:


Patrick Prescott said...

The pajamafication of America continues apace.

JohnAGJ said...

Eh, I don't mind if they want to harken back to WWII. Tradition plays a big role in the military. Yet I prefer the whites myself. They look daaaaaaaaaamn fine on a good looking man and that aside they look sharp regardless of the wearer.

I'm just glad they are ditching the dungarees. Worst. Uniform. Ever.

I still say the pseudo-cammies are silly though...