Thursday, December 18, 2008

How The Earth Was Made

A really cool History Channel special I happened to find on iTunes. A very fascinating look at the possible history of our planet. After watching this and given the Rare Earth Hypothesis championed by geologist & paeleontologist Peter Ward, I just cannot see how anyone can deny the existence of God. It's one thing to claim that one particular religion is in error, or even that all known religions are filled with errors given man's fallibility, yet it is quite another to claim that there is no God at all. Given the complexity of Earth's formation and 4.5 billion year history, as well as the possibility that our humble planet may be a rarity in this vast universe, all of this just screams the miraculous to me. Evolution is a no-brainer to me but attributing Life to "gamma rays that ignited the life-spark that ultimately created single-celled life-forms which, eventually through the magic of evolution", brought us man,to paraphrase Jonah Goldberg, takes far more faith in my estimation than believing in a Deity.

You can find the other parts to this show here. Enjoy.


Glass Hopper said...

I just cannot see how anyone can deny the existence of God.

Good for you, Brother.

Retired Geezer: Old non-homophobic dude.

JohnAGJ said...

Gracias. :-)