Tuesday, December 23, 2008

First Gay Character on Sci-Fi TV Show

BSG finally has it's first male gay character! This is a first in a major U.S. sci-fi television series, making BSG bolder than Star Trek in going where no man... yadda, yadda. I like how the writers treat this too: no big deal with a quick kiss. You can see this first here. Alessandro Juliani, who plays Lt. Felix Gaeta, has joked in numerous gag reels, like the one above, and stated in interviews that his character's lack of a sex-life has made him so frustrated that he'd "frakk a Daggett" if need be. Well Alessandro, your wait is over and instead of a mutt you get to kiss a rather handsome man. Not too shabby.


David said...

So Admiral Cain doesn't count?

Anonymous said...

The specificity of "male gay character" is key. Most science-fiction series have a token lesbian something.

Star Trek: Voyager had two females kiss after a "gender transfer." Star Trek: Deep Space Nine did one of those too (with Jadzia Dax falling for a wife from a past life). Babylon 5 had that brief lesbian relationship between Ivanova and Talia Winters. Stargate: Atlantis had a barely there lesbian.

But male homosexuality has been a much bigger taboo. Since it is assumed that the teenaged male audience these shows are targeted at will find it "icky."