Friday, October 31, 2008

Stuck in the 80s...

Great podcast I discovered the other day, filled with nostalgia for that decade of decades: the 1980s! I've listened to the first 20 so far and here are some quick thoughts on the topics discussed:

  • Loved the 80s classic movies Footloose and The Breakfast Club. Young Emilio Estevez may not have been the best of the 80s Brat Pack in acting abilities, but he was purdy. Kind of wanted to tell Emilio to just sit quietly and look beautiful rather than open his mouth and spoil the moment with bad acting. Ditto for Kevin Bacon, although he’s turned out to be not too shabby of an actor.
  • I guess some gays would find this admission to be scandalous, but oh well: I hated Madonna, though must grudgingly respect her talent and insight into cultural trends to take advantage of. Still, I never was a fan even if a couple of songs by her are okay.
  • John Cusack remains a sexy guy and good actor to this day. Back in the 80s he was one of my favorite young actors. One of the best of his movies from back then was Better Off Dead. Just a hilariously good movie!
  • Journey. Can one say enough about this band? With Steve Perry, they were the 80s IMO. I loved their music and still do. Without Steve, they were nothing. Oh wait, U2 was another fantastic 80s band and their music video for Where The Streets Have No Name remains one of the best of all time IMO. Ok, so Journey w/Steve Perry & U2 together were the 80s to me...
  • Ferris Bueller was indeed a "righteous dude". One of the greatest teen movies of all time.
  • I hated Boy George & Culture Club. I obviously don't care that he's gay nor that he is effeminate. It's what appears to me to be deliberate "camp" and outrageous behavior that I dislike. He looked like a complete freak to me and besides, their music was waaaay to syrupy. George did, however, have great taste in boyfriends as far as looks go, though not in character considering how violently "conflicted" the then-young Jon Moss was.
  • I liked Rick Springfield, though if he isn’t interested I’ll take Jessie over his girl (I know, "groan!"), and Billy Idol’s music was always fun. Yes, it does bother me that they are both in their 50s now. Not a big fan of Depeche Mode though I don’t hate them.