Monday, September 29, 2008

Curse you, Matt Harding!!!

How the heck am I supposed to maintain my reputation as a curmudgeon when you make me *gasp!* smile with vids like these?

This stupid, crazy lil' dance he does is perhaps one of the greatest of all time if for no other reason than it brings folks together for a moment of much-needed laughter.

h/t - Muslihoon


Anonymous said...

Some sent this to me a few months ago. I watch it about weekly. Puts the faith back into the human race. The perfect balance of music and visuals.

JohnAGJ said...

Yeah. I liked the whole thing but my fave parts are with the kids, the New Guinea tribesman, the North Korean soldier in the DMZ & the Nellis AFB guys. How he managed to do the last two I'll never know. Cracked me up though...