Thursday, May 1, 2008

Time marches on as celebrity fades...

Ok, TMZ really is a sleazy 'gossip rag' but I was intrigued by the photos there of stars I liked growing up - especially the really cute ones I used to crush on. For some, the ravages of time have not been kind while others look good for their age. Here are some galleries I found to be interesting:

  • 'Memba Them?! 1 (Wonder Woman is still a beautiful wonder)

  • 'Memba Them?! 2 (time has truly been cruel to my beloved Maxwell Caufield...)

  • 'Memba Them?! 3 (Andrew Shue is still a cutie)

  • Fat After Fame (Iceman, c'mon dude lose a few!)

    Ok, after some really shocking photos here's, pallette cleanser:

    Mormons Exposed 2009

    Weird religion but with some great looking missionaries!