Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Soldier Accidentally Phones Home During Firefight

When the parents of soldier Stephen Phillips listened to the message from their son's cell phone replete with gunfire and shouting they feared the worst.

"It made the hair stand up on the back of my head," said Phillip's step-father Jeff Petee.

Phillips had accidentally called home during a firefight in Afghanistan. Having tried to reach his family in Otis, Ore., earlier that day, the phone's "redial" feature was activated as Phillips pressed against the cell phone mid-battle. Mother Sandie Petee found the three-minute message which ended with the words "incoming R-P-G!" [...] (ABC News)

I can only imagine the terror that gripped his parents when they listened to this message and then frantically tried to reach him to make sure he was okay. Thank God he was unharmed. As difficult as it must have been for my Mom raising 3 small kids on her own while my Dad was away in Vietnam years ago, something like this would have probably pushed her over the edge (or nudged her close to it) if it turned out this kind of message had the last moments of his life. Sometimes technology is a two-edged sword. I think this only goes to show us that as trying as war can be for the soldiers involved with combat, the daily stress faced by their loved ones back home can be just as scarring. Talk about a good reminder and a whole new appreciation for what women like my Mom went though...

Click the news link above to listen to the 3 minute message the parents of Specialist Phillips received.

h/t Hot Air