Sunday, December 2, 2007

What to say?

I wanted to post something tonight about the event I attended yesterday, but I've been having trouble coming up with what I want to say and how exactly to do it. There was a lot that I took away from yesterday that was positive and it gave me much to reflect upon, more than just about efforts to repeal DADT. That's what has been bugging me since I came home yesterday and why I seem to be having a problem sorting it all out enough to write about it. I was thinking of doing two posts on this, one sticking more to the facts a la Joe Friday, and a later one with personal reflections. Yet that's a bit difficult since the two are connected, hence the dilemma. I can say this: I met some really good people from both ends of the political spectrum and what many of them had to say about efforts to repeal DADT was refreshing to hear. I also had a great time with these people at a sports bar watching Navy stomp the heck out of Army. It was more than just the game though, I enjoyed their company. Aaagh. Too much going on in the ol' noggin tonight about this so I think I'll sleep on it again and try tomorrow.

One last thing tonight though, while I'm pleased as can be that Navy won yesterday I have the utmost respect for the players on both teams. These are not college guys going on to play in the NFL and make millions, but yesterday was probably the last time 99% of them will ever play on a team like that for the rest of their lives. They played because they are passionate about the game and their respective services. Today they are all off to serve their country in the Army, Navy and Marine Corps, and because of this they are all winners in my book. So while most of this week was spent razzing Army in preparation for yesterday's game, today I'm back to giving them the same amount of respect as the Navy. With that in mind, here's a pretty good video in honor of all you guys in green: