Friday, November 2, 2007

Podcast Follow-Up

I enjoyed last night's discussion and may join Dan and Bruce again on the podcast when I'm able to. If you haven't listened to Gay Patriot's America, please do. I thought I'd post some brief thoughts about what was talked about and provide some useful links as well:

1. I for one really enjoyed Dan's postings about his Cross Country Odyssey, but was also a bit disappointed too. I mean, he makes this great trek and stops to see rest areas but did what about sharing some culture, Dan, eh? I mean nothing says "America" like the World's Largest Twine Ball, Truckhenge, or even stopping off to fill 'er up at the Petrified Wood Gas Station. And what gay man wouldn't stop at Dorothy's Home? But noooooooo, Dan had to spend time with family. Sheesh, where are the man's priorities?!?
2. Sauron in a bikini-brief? Yeah that might have been a bit over-the-top but c'mon, there are a few in LOTR I wouldn't have minded seeing in their undergarments.
3. Is it Ja-KO-bee or JA-ko-bee? Beats me, but Sir Derek Jacobi is indeed an accomplished actor well worth seeing or listening to. His narration of The Illiad is superb and brings the story alive. Other audiobooks I mentioned in the podcast include Pyramid and 1000 Years of English Royalty. Also check out Sir Ian McKellen's narration of The Odyssey, The Lord of the Rings, Anthony Everitt's Augustus, Beowulf and Joseph Ellis' Patriots.
4. Bruce & Dan tried to keep me out until after the awards (my Preciousssssss!), but I picked the lock with just a strand of hair and some chewing gum. Who knew that all those years of watching MacGyver would come in handy like this one day? I wonder if posting nude photos of Hillary would go too far? MU-HA-HA-HA!
5. Pretty cool that Dan got to meet Gateway Pundit, I've enjoyed his blog for quite awhile now. I'm a bit curious who the "reader in Columbus, Ohio" was he ate lunch with. Hmm...need better tracking software methinks.
6. I enjoyed Dan's tale about the time he spent with his niece, it made me think of my nephew. I wanted to mention that I had just purchased The Dangerous Book for Boys and we are having fun with the ideas on stuff to do. It really is a good book for boys, I may just have to keep it awhile to read through it myself!
7. I'm pretty envious that Dan met Mary Cheney. I would enjoy a long conversation with her and to hear her perspective on important matters.
8. I was surprised to hear about the event on November 30th in Washington, DC to "honor the 12,000 Americans who have been discharged under the Don't Ask, Don't Tell law since its inception". I'll have to go and give my support not only for those who have served, but for the repeal of this law that prevents those willing and able to do so from serving. I'm glad that both Bruce and Dan caught LCR's omission of the fact that this disgraceful act was passed by the Democrat-controlled Congress in 1993 and signed into law by Bill Clinton, who had lied to gay Americans in the campaign by promising to overturn the ban only to codify it with the stroke of a pen. Btw, former Marine Staff Sergeant Eric Alva I mentioned works with the Human Rights Campaign to get the ban lifted. As I said in the podcast, I have serious disagreements with HRC but though our politics differ I'll put that aside in this one case. Alva himself is an impressive fellow whose service exemplifies honor, courage, sacrifice and what it means to be a Marine.
9. In case you missed it, watch Hillary try and spin her way out of a gaffe on illegal immigration. Chris Dodd, of all people, came across as quite reasonable while Hillary looked like an idiot.

Until the next time...

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