Sunday, November 25, 2007

BSG: Razor

My review: Meh. I didn't hate it but I also wasn't very impressed. BSG took the easy route in presenting a gay relationship, and no doubt tittilated it's straight male fanbase, with Cain & Gina. So Cain fits the stereotype about lesbians and is an incompetent military leader to boot. Poor writing. Kudos to them for being blase about it though - except for the ridiculous GLAAD ad and the "It's been confirmed!" ads from Quiznos.

Best comment on the Sci-Fi Channel BSG forum:

I think the important lesson learned here is that even robots can be gay...and for this they must be punished.


Mike Airhart said...

Thank you for saying this. That ad was a ridiculous joke. Shown in conjunction with BSG, the ad basically said, "Never mind that we just portrayed gun-wielding lesbians raping and killing each other. We really do love homosexuals."

Shame on GLAAD for not screening BSG before running the ad.