Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bob Barr on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

"The fact is, equal treatment of gay and lesbian service members is about as conservative a position as one cares to articulate."

When Bob Barr was serving in Congress he always reminded me a bit of a scrappy street-fighter. That can be a good thing and it seems that his opposition to DADT first outlined in an opinion piece this past June in the Wall Street Journal remains just as strong. Pepe Johnson of Integrity in Service interviewed the former Congressman about the policy restricting gays from openly serving in the military, along with his move to the Libertarian Party. I personally think Barr's latter move is unwise and fruitless as returning the GOP to more libertarian principles would be more productive in achieving his goals. Nevertheless, a good and interesting interview.

h/t The Frontlines

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Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this. Stay "tuned" for more as I expand the website.

JohnAGJ said...

You're most welcome, Pepe. I look forward to more.