Thursday, October 11, 2007

The cost of trying to "cure" homosexuality

This is a very powerful video from Truth Wins Out and is rightly condemning of the ex-gay nonsense about marriage being a 'cure' for homosexuality. I remember briefly flirting with the idea of marrying a woman when I was much younger, hoping that love would develop from friendship and that the gay would go away as a result. Fortunately reason took hold and I didn't which was good since I doubt I could have even faked being sexually aroused by women. Female nudity and heterosexual intercourse don't bother me in the least which I suppose is a big part of the problem in a manner of speaking. I also knew that I could never truly commit myself to a woman and for a Catholic the idea of abusing the Sacrament of Marriage without being able to give oneself completely is appalling. I could love a woman but not be IN love with her. Besides all this though it is extremely cruel to the woman (or man in the case of closeted lesbians). God keep these women and their families.

h/t Box Turtle Bulletin