Sunday, September 23, 2007

Real "Shock & Awe"

This incredible story did indeed give me chills and I couldn't let this one go by unnoticed. Specialist Channing Moss was about to be written off for dead after being impaled by a live RPG, when his buddies and medical personnel "broke protocol" by risking their lives to save his. I cannot help but see a touch of the miraculous here and thank God for it, along with once again being stunned by the caliber of men and women we have serving in uniform.

Spc. Channing Moss should be dead by all accounts. And those who saved his life did so knowing they might have died with him...

...Protocol, as far as Oh [the surgeon] knew, dictated that someone in Moss’s condition be placed in a sandbagged bunker and listed as "expectant," which means he would be expected to die because nothing could be done for him.

But Oh believed something could be done for the wounded soldier before him.

He "was still talking to me," Oh recalled. He choked back tears as he explained: "When he comes in like that, there’s no way you can give up at that point."

After the EOD team arrived, Oh warned the volunteers one last time that the surgery could cost everyone their lives.

The operating room crew prepped Moss for surgery...

I'm speechless. You can watch the video interview here.

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Anonymous said...

I’m speechless; this man should not be alive.

This is beyond astonishment!

JohnAGJ said...

Indeed. Every single person involved in saving his life should be given a very big medal. God certainly was smiling on this young man...