Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"Gay Agenda" Victorious?

Interesting post by Joshua over on The Conjecturer:

[I]t’s not like we’re marching in the streets demanding the keys to our shuttered sex clubs. We take to the streets to celebrate existing unafraid, to celebrate the hope of being one day considered equal stakeholders in this country, and for some of us, the promise of that special dream promised to every other citizen of this country: the cherished right to live our lives free of anyone else’s dictates or oppression. The gay agenda has indeed been perverted: it has been made entirely banal, an inevitable (if frustratingly stilting) march toward a society in which one’s sexuality simply does not matter any more. It is worthy of neither derision nor celebration, like one’s hair color. That is the grandest victory I can imagine.

I strongly suspect that most gays are just "average Joe's" with lives mirroring their straight counterparts: "entirely banal" with periods of excitement scattered in when the routine of work and home can be broken from. If homosexuality on a day-to-day basis can be ignored as just one of those differences we all have from each other, even if one may not care for it themselves, that would be victory to me. One day perhaps...