Monday, July 9, 2007

Have You Seen This Penis?

Porky's was one of those idiot teenage films from the early 1980s, not known for great acting or writing but drenched in sophomoric humor and enough sexual innuendo to make the most stolid young lad...well, you get the idea. At any rate, it did have some very hilarious moments that even 25 years later make me laugh. For those who may not have seen the movie, to set up the following scene: some teenage boys are caught by the female Coach Ballbricker (whose very name brings out a snicker) peeping on some naked young women taking a shower in the gym. When one fellow puts his tallywhacker through the peeping hole and the Coach spots it, she grabs hold of it much to the discomfort of the young lad. Since she notices a distinguishing mark on the offending organ, she calls a meeting with the school principal and the male coaches to discuss how to find the young men responsible for spying on her girls. This leads us to the following scene: