Friday, June 15, 2007

A voice to stir one's heart

Well the furniture is all moved out now. My body is feeling rather cranky with me at the moment, methinks it didn't care for all the heavy lifting yesterday. The house looks pretty dang bare now, hardly at all like what I've grown comfortable with over the nearly 4 years here. Weird how stripping one's house of all the trappings that help make it a home changes everything. It doesn't really feel like home to me now. I have some smaller items to sort and pack away today, then tomorrow it's off to sleep in the new place. After that comes doing the repairs to sell the place. Joy. If I have some time later today I'll try and catch up on the comments that have been posted here lately.

I'm not up for much posting today, but I did want to share this amazing video of a common man with a stunning voice. I'm not really a huge fan of opera, it's okay but not exactly my thing I suppose. This is how accomplished pros tackle a particularly difficult piece like Nessun Dorma:

This is how a diamond-in-the-rough cellphone salesman does it:

This unknown was blessed with an amazing voice and though opera still isn't for me, I found this to be quite moving. It's not just that he has a good voice and that he is an unknown talent starting to be discovered, but he seems to put his whole heart and soul into it which captures one immediately and draws them in. Wales has every reason to be proud of their native son, Paul Potts.

Hat tip: Kevin & Patrick Blog (check out the vid posted there of a likeable young man who lives out his dream as well)


Douglas said...

Okay, yeah, yours is better.

Wait. . ...

Patrick Prescott said...

They both won me over.

JohnAGJ said...

A truly amazing performance. Glad this man won.