Monday, May 14, 2007

Stanford’s Anti-ROTC Policy is Self-Contradictory

Good article I've been meaning to post by Yishai Kabaker of The Stanford Review:

[W]e should not punish those students who wish to serve this country by setting obstacles in their way. Denying our nation and its armed forces the skill and education that Stanford and other great universities produce only harms progress towards a more tolerant military. It also denies our nation the best products of its education system for the advancement and improvement of national defense. I look forward to the day when, as a homosexual, I can openly serve in the military and when my fellow Stanford students can openly and easily participate in an ROTC program with pride. In the meantime, concerns over the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy should be directed at the policymakers who enacted it rather than the service members who are required to enforce it.

Well said.

Hat tip: to a lil' lady in California who has good reason to be proud of her son.